New Music Video: Emma Louise
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 08, 2012

    • Posted by: Carianne Hixson

    Emma Louise has received praise for her songwriting skills, receiving two Q Song Awards at the age of 16. After moving to Brisbane and working alongside some other songwriters, she's gone from an unsigned artist with an unreleased album to a big deal with a hit single. "Jungle," which will appear on her album Full Hearts & Empty Rooms, set to be released on 3/13, has landed her on the top of just about every music chart you could think of and has been featured on shows like MTV's Awkward and ABC's Grey's Anatomy. All the recent success has also led to record deal with Frenchkiss Records. Talent of this magnitude at such a young age will probably make you feel crappy about yourself, but with a song so good, you're likely to forget that for a moment. Here's the video for the single, "Jungle."

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