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    • TUESDAY, MARCH 08, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    Rihanna better watch her back, because Willow Smith is slowly proving to be a pint sized version of the Good Girl Gone Bad, not to mention that Willow also has the combined blast of surprising talent, the prodigy phenomenon, Will Smith, and Scientology on her side. I would say that Rihanna has Jay-Z to back her up, but - uh oh - Willow Smith does too. Following young Smith's first single, the legendary "Whip My Hair", the track "21st Century Girl" was released this Tuesday on iTunes.

    The song has enough girl power to bring back The Spice Girls (again), and the expected amount of 10-year-old attitude. Although this track does not have as much of an epic boom as "Whip My Hair" (and provokes less giggles), it actually provides a rather catchy beat and melody. It is a little bit generic and by no means revolutionary, despite the title implication, but is a respectable second single from someone who, come on, is literally only ten years old. And on the plus side, now maybe we can finally stop getting hair-slapped in the face by passersby on the street whipping their hair back and forth. It happens!

    "21st Century Girl" is available for download on iTunes now, but you can listen to it below (And watch her do some wolf running) before you make that commitment.

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