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    • MONDAY, MARCH 08, 2010

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    The Phenomenal Handclap Band's "Baby" was recently remixed by Scotland's DJ Architeq. The result is definitely interesting, but at the same time definitely different. The remix trades the smoky horn line opening of the original for something darker and synthy. What is interesting, though, is how natural DJ Architeq's version sounds once the vocals come in. Working with a really infectious dub groove that slides and creeps, it provides the perfect backdrop for singer Daniel Collas's repeating chorus and the harmonies the rest of the band peppers in throughout.

    What's also kind of neat is how DJ Architeq samples the minimalist jazz guitar and turns into something way more dubstep inspired. Very often when a band or a DJ shift genres there's a lot that ends up getting lost in the process, but it's rare you get more in switch. But the Architeq remix of "Baby" plays off the really hypnotic atmosphere The Phenomenal Handclap Band was playing with.

    Take a listen and see for yourself how oddly easy the transition between psychedelic rock and euro dubstep/trip-hop can be. -Ryan Broderick

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