late night: vampire weekend
    • MONDAY, MARCH 08, 2010

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    The Columbia-Oxford-prep turned California collar poppers were back at home on SNL this week. They were quite fortunate to be joined by Zach Galifianakis, the most anticipated host of the season (in this humble writers opinion). The show was hit-and-miss (the usual) but Zach was TBS very funny and VW put on a great performance (twice), so all in all very nice! It wasn't hard to predict the two songs the band would play, yes you guessed it, so after the jump watch "Cousins" and "Giving Up The Gun".


    "Giving Up The Gun":

    Good thing they left the "Horchata" at home (see below if you do not understand this joke). For overall context, the best sketch of the evening with Zach:

    "Giving Up The Gun" video:

    MORE PLEASE! Contra is out now on XL. -joe puglisi

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