Ryan Adams Cranks It Up To Eleven
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 08, 2007

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    Ryan Adams loves making headlines. The guitar-rockin’ urban cowboy can’t sit still unless he’s recording an album, posting half-crunk raps on his website, or otherwise becoming the latest topic of any given blog / website / magazine article. And after a brief, uncharacteristic absence from the spotlight, Adams has apparently decided to make March his “headline comeback” month.

    First came the news of the musician’s new album. Easy Tiger will be Adams’ first release of 2007, and the ninth full-length record of his post-Whiskeytown career. Bear in mind that the dude went solo in 2000, which means he’s on track to crank out a few more country-tinged gems before the decade's up. Filter recently took a listen to the record, and they’re giving Tiger a thumbs up. “Songwriting is the name of the game, and it takes center stage here,” they note. “No failed flamenco experiments.”

    So Adams isn’t dabbling in the native musical traditions of Spain. Good. That would be ridiculous. But what’s even more ridiculous – ridiculously awesome, that is – is Ryan Adams’ recent tour announcement. His tour itinerary currently consists of one date and one venue, and that venue is none other than Stonehenge.

    STONEHENGE! Awesome! Cue the Spinal Tap references.

    On June 5th, Ryan Adams will “rock the rocks,” so to speak. The Druids erected Stonehenge waaaay back in the Bronze Age, and the Salisbury International Art Festival has commissioned Mr. Adams to “perform an intimate show in [this] very special setting.” Hmmm. Historical and very rock 'n' roll. Those of you who caught Adams’ recent Town Hall gigs are suddenly feeling a lot less cool, huh?

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