James Bay's New Single 'Pink Lemonade' Packs A Punch Of Attitude
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 07, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Remember when James Bay released Chaos And The Calm back in 2014 and sang nothing but innocent, pretty songs about holding back rivers? He had long gorgeous locks and and a sweetness to him that just made us say, "yeah, James seems like a really nice guy." Well now, he's back to promote his sophomore LP Electric Light and so far, it feels like a one-eighty. Yes, let's state the obvious - his hair is cut and the hat is gone, for starters - but also, his sound has veered off in a completely different direction.

    A few weeks ago he released the album's lead single "Wild Love" and today he's out with his latest, "Pink Lemonade." In it, he ditches the fluttery guitar lines and delicate pianos that made us fall in love and instead, opts for a much more edgy, spacey mood. Aggressively-strummed guitars and high energy drums are Jame's new game, along with lyrics in the chorus "swear I ain't got anything on my mind, I don't wanna talk to you." The sweet Mr. Bay you once knew is now a devilish heartbreaker who wears black t-shirts, hates sappy conversations, and lies in his "bed with you naked" (that's a lyric).

    I personally love this new and improved James Bay, and now I'm extra excited for Electric Light to drop on May 18th via Republic Records. Also, there's a special video for the track on Spotify, and let's just say it only enhances the English singer-songwriter's newfound coolness.

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