5 Albums to Look Out For This Friday
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    We're currently in the thick of the working week, folks. It can sometimes feel like a long and steady grind to bring home the bacon and make it to the weekend, only to blow all the money you made and start all over on Monday. Sometimes, you need a little incentive to make it to Friday in one piece, and luckily, music fans have a lot to look forward to this week. Here are five exciting albums coming out this Friday:

    1. The Shins, Heartworms

    The Shins, whose current lineup consists of just James Mercer, has released a handful of promising singles for Heartworms, including the most recent track "Painting a Hole." Mercer has always been a pretty reliable guy to deliver some feel-good Beatles-esque tracks with a hint of lo-fi, so only good things can be expected from this record come Friday.

    2. Laura Marling, Semper Femina

    Going by the singles she's released so far, it's hard to say exactly what to expect on Laura Marling's upcoming album. In this case, however, the unexpected only adds to the anticipation. If songs like the subdued, slightly jazzy "Soothing" or the bouncing, mid-tempo "Nothing, Not Really" are any indication, we all should be in for a sonically diverse and highly compelling treat.

    3. Hurray for the Riff Raff, The Navigator

    Folk-rockers Hurray For The Riff Raff are adding a little more electric instruments and a little more groove on the Navigator, but that doesn't mean they've lost that old-fashioned Americana charm that made them such a likable group in the first place. Songs like the poignant "Rican Beach" point to a solid album with a relevant message about finding your place in the world in the face of people who want to take you away from the place you call "home."

    4. Cameron Avery, Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams

    Most probably know Cameron Avery as the bassist for Tame Impala, but it turns out he's a multi-instrumentalist and about to make his debut as a solo artist. It's not exactly as psychedelic as the jams he creates with Tame Impala and Pond, as Avery instead goes for a heavy, Springsteen-like sound complete with raspy, low register vocals that hit you like a weight with each verse. It's different than Avery's main group, but the music still offers plenty to look forward to.

    5. Tennis, Yours Conditionally

    Colorado-based band Tennis are back with their first album since 2014, which should make any fan of their mix of indie pop, electronica, and old-school soul pretty pumped for the end of the week. Although drummer James Barone has left the group since their last album, their recent batch of damn catchy singles, like the vintage sounding "Ladies Don't Play Guitar" to the most recent "My Emotions Are Blinding," show the band has no problem carrying on as a husband-and-wife duo.

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