The 9 Most Dangerous Live Musical Acts
    • MONDAY, MARCH 07, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Let's face it. Sometimes goingn to a concert can be a gamble, and we don't just mean what happens if you're short and a dude that's six and a half feet tall decides to park himself directly in front of you. Sometimes you go to a show and the band itself can be a little...dangerous. And we put together a list of the 9 shows that you're most likely to walk away from with a mild injury at a minimum.

    Glenn Danzig

    Since the 70s, Danzig has been at the face of much of the heavy genres dealing with horror and gore in punk and hardcore after being catapulted to notoriety with fellow northern New Jersey horror punks, the Misfits. Having since evolved from the early thrashy sounds into his band Danzig, which is much more blues oriented, Glenn Danzig has still not evolved from certain Misfits-era qualities. The 60-year-old often still devolves during his performances into WWE-esque monologues on stage singling people out and has been known to punch journalists in the face. The sheer frequency with which Danzig goes after people is really what sets him apart in his live performances: the man loves to hurt people. The clip below shows Glenn Danzig getting knocked out after starting a fight with Danny Marianino, frontman of a band called North Side Kings, because Marianino ate Danzig's french onion soup, according to his statement on Noisey.

    The Chariot

    Long live the Chariot! This group of bluesy hardcore punks put forward some of the most energetic live sets any bad has ever done. They might be the most energetic live act ever. However, their energy is definitely a destructive force. Those near the stage face the risk of getting hit with airborne materials, including both large expensive pieces of music equipment as well as human bodies. There was one Chariot show where the band got kicked out of a coffee shop/ venue for knocking over a basket of pears. The show relocated to a very generous fan's house, where band members jumped out of windows and off of the rooftop while performing.


    DMX was one of the most dangerous live acts within rap music to see live. His sheer propensity for committing violent crime made each of his performances a high profile among local law enforcement agencies. He's been jailed for weapons and narcotics possessions, several animal cruelty charges, and criminal impersonation of an FBI agent while he was simultaneously high on cocaine, drunk, and trying to jack a car. His live performances are engulfed by his equally menacing Rough Riders crew, and you know what you're getting into if you see DMX live.


    Integrity merged as a metallic hardcore punk outfit in the 1990s, a time when violence was already prevalent among certain scenes within the broader genre, especially among the camo shorts-wearing mosh-core bands at the epitome of the trend. The group, though extremely obscure in their public appearances after cycling through 60 members, the only consistent of which being Dwid Hellion who migrated to Belgium, has been deemed one of the most violent bands ever. Dwid Hellion has been accused of chasing people with a firearm and nailing a human ear to someone's door. They capitulated on their infamy and put on decades of incredibly powerful but dangerous performances, with a new lineup on every album they released and constant intermissions where the band completely broke apart in utter dysfunction.

    Young And In The Way

    Most extreme bands have the typical cliches associated with hazards related to live music. These guys decided to take the route of biohazard to up the ante. The crust punk outfit performed at a brewery in North Caroline where they sprayed pig's blood all over the crowd, which caused the venue to be shut down temporarily by the local board of health.

    Wacka Flocka Flame

    Flocka has quite the repertoire under his belt for acts of violence being tied to his name through his live music performances. There was one show in particular where eight teenagers were shot. He himself was also the victim of a shooting which was potentially lethal.


    Though the band's tone in general has simmered down from the neanderthalic, thrashy roots it came from, any time the band revisits some of their older songs (especially the song "The Saddest Day"), the mosh pit erupts into a world of hurt. Here's an older video showing sheer mayhem as a fight ensues in an already engulfing mosh pit. Once the fight makes its way onstage, bassist Nate Newton swings his bass like an axe overhead and smashes down onto someone's shoulder. Old school Converge mosh pits were pretty brutal. Don't get into a fight at shows, it's not worth it.

    GG Allin

    I'm going to spare any video coverage on this one. GG Allin, born Jesus Christ Allin, was the frontman for a band called the Murder Junkies. Perpetually high on heroin, GG often performed in the nude, bashed a microphone on his head until he bled profusely, defecated onstage and assaulted anyone within his immediate proximity. He had huge notoriety for being such a vile person that everyone who went to one of his shows knew what they were getting into. He made many threats to commit suicide onstage, but that promise never came through after he overdosed on heroin and had an incredibly gruesome open casket funeral where his body was not tended to or prepared as per his request. He was under public scorn for good reason.

    The Cro-Mags

    A classic staple of the 1980's New York hardcore scene, the Cro-Mags were very violent, disparaged people in their youth, and their shows were often filled with violence. Frontman John Joseph was himself a homeless teenager who sold and consumed crack. The group could not even contain the violence at the meta-level, which showed when bassist Harley Flanagan stabbed three people including one of the band's members at CBGB's. Since their turmoil-filled past, John Joseph who was raised in abusive foster homes and stabbed multiple times as a child has taken to a healthy lifestyle in which he abstains from all drugs and has undertaken a vegan diet in addition to participating in multiple marathons and the Ironman competition nine times. He also wrote a vegan cookbook entitled "Meat is for Pussies."

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