Throwback Thursday: SXSW Edition
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 07, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    This week's edition of Throwback Thursday isn't our normal dollop of under-appreciated 80s awesomeness. As the music vignette of SXSW quickly encroaches, we're instead looking back at our favorite moments spent in Austin from the past few years. Since 2007, we've made the annual pre-spring trek down to Austin, Texas to capture some of the finest acts as they pass through the Lone Star State.

    2008 - Domino Records Party

    The Kills

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    Days after the release of Midnight Boom, we experienced the sexiest sinister duo in music - The Kills.

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    Lightspeed Champion

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    Wolverine on drums and a pre-Blood Orange and pre-Solange sidekick Dev Hynes with an electric guitar.

    2009 - Saddle Creek Party


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    The Ugly Organ is perhaps the label's finest album, and we got to see Tim Kasher and the band perform "Art Is Hard" five years after its release. Oh, and they closed with the Domestica classic "The Martyr".

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    Sebastien Grainger

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    Grainger's totally awkward freak-out for being unplugged makes this a totally awesome moment in Baeble history. He throws his guitar at a dude!

    2010 - @ The Scoot Inn


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    The Icelandic seven-piece put on a stellar performance, but it was overshadowed by the worst interview of all time. Rumor has it, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was hanging out during this show, and if you didn't know, he's that famous actor kid from Angels In the Outfield, so uh yeah, it was a pretty good showcase.

    2011 - @ The Phoenix


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    "GIVE IT UP!" still echoes through our office at least once a week, as we still celebrate "Matching Jumpsuit Mondays".

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    Toast to Life taught us more than any self-help book ever could.

    2012 - The Launch Pad

    Ben Howard

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    During his recent tour with Mumford & Sons, Marcus Mumford introduced this dude as England's Elvis. He's prit-tee good.

    Rhett Miller

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    Austin native and Old 97's frontman Rhett Miller strums and hums ferociously.

    The Launch Pad lives on in 2013, as we are heading south for our seventh consecutive year! We hope to see you there! RSVP here.

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