MP3 Premiere: Magic Wands (Naveen G Remix)
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 07, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    When bands start coining their own words to describe their specific niche in the crowded music market, we know that one of two things can happen. Either, you get something brilliant along the lines of Visions which Grimes self-described as being "post-internet" (we still don't really know what the hell that means) or you'll end up with some pretentious LP that sounds like some established microgenre such as chillwave without being different. L.A. duo Magic Wands call their sound "lovewave" and while we also aren't really sure what that means yet, we can tell you that this band's single "Black Magic" is one of the best songs from 2008 that you may have never heard of, and we're happy to present the premiere of a new remix of that track by Naveen G.

    If you listened to the stream of the original above, you know how catchy and engaging the original version. Naveen G. took that original song-- which combines the romanticism and synths of New Wave music with more overt rock elements than any other electronic pop act performing today-- and turned it into a swirling mesh of psychedelia and ambience. It was a risky choice for such a recognizably distinct single, but the song works, and if you're wanting something to hold you over til the release of Magic Wand's next album, Aloha Moon, delve into our exclusive premiere of the remix and let it work its spell on you.

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