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    • MONDAY, MARCH 07, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    The attendees, who were "fashionably late" this past Friday at the Bowery Ballroom, were absent from the evening's greatest attractions. The Ballroom welcomed a four-band lineup of Dirty Beaches, Minks, Frankie Rose and The Outs, and Dum Dum Girls (performing in that order). I was once a member of these act-opener neglectors, but after an accidental, early arrival on Delancy, Friday night, I have forever abandoned this nihilistic mentality.

    Dirty Beaches' opening performance is substantially responsible for my born-again attitude. Alex Zhang Hungtai dropped his black, leather coat at his feet, grabbed a stand-less mic in his right, white strat in his left, and took a knee to turn on the prerecording of an invisible band. The Taiwanese solo artist's rockabilly essences were eerily complimented by the dusty, old setting of the Bowery Ballroom. The 50 audience members, who were lucky enough to arrive by 8:30 pm, stood in awe as the gritty background tracks and the mournful voice of Hungtai hauntingly lured us back to the 1950s with tracks from his latest album, Badlands. With two bands following, before the headlining Dum Dum Girls took the stage, it was shocking yet pleasing to hear audience members demand his encore.

    Frankie Rose and The Outs provided a party of a performance. The group delivered powerfully throbbing rock with tracks from their self-titled, debut album. It appeared as though their performance was the most anticipated on Friday, as the entire crowd abandoned Bowery's bars to flood the stage (I was pushed out of the way by comedian, Aziz Ansari.). The crowd frenzied around the floor-pounding beats and rocking girl noise that Frankie Noise has seemingly perfected.

    We won't be surprised to see these names quickly creep up the playbill listings.

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