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    • MONDAY, MARCH 07, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    In addition to a new album announcement, British band Art Brut has released an extra mp3 for us all. The song, "Unprofessional Wrestling", is introduced by a slowly strummed deep bass with notes vaguely reminiscent of the Jaws theme song that my brother used to play on the piano to scare me out of the room. But don't be scared guys, because the fun begins a few seconds as the track revs through a not-so-subtle description of the kind of unprofessional wresting that takes place outside of the gym (hopefully).

    With a mixture of singing and shouting, the song is a fast paced number with a slight White-Stripes-meets-The-Strokes element to the veering guitar and frenzied beat. The London based band will also be releasing their fourth studio album Brilliant! Tragic! in May, to follow their third LP Art Brut VS. Satan. "Unprofessional Wrestling" will not be on the new album, so enjoy this track here!

    The song was released by Pledgemusic, so you can sign up for their newsletter to recieve a download of "Unprofessional Wrestling":

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