NOW PLAYING: A Baeble NEXT Session With SYML
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 06, 2018

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    "My wife actually helped me pick it out... She knew that I was adopted and didn't find out until much later in life that I was a majority Welsh by blood, and so she was looking for cool Welsh words. It's a Welsh word that means 'simple.' She knows that that's something I strive for in most things in my life," vocalist Brian Fennell answered when we asked him the first question on everyone's minds. Back in the day Fennell was a part of Barcelona, who helped to create staggering and cinematic soundscapes reminiscent of an early-years Coldplay. In fact, we caught them a couple years back during a packed and sweaty performance at Spike Hill. These days Fennell is still tickling the ebonies and ivories, but now under his moody and gripping new solo project SYML.

    We caught up with SYML recently, both to recollect some old memories and to create some new ones. Brian hasn't missed a beat since branching out on his own, and SYML picks up right where he left off. In our exclusive Baeble NEXT Session with him you'll get the chance to hear all about what Brian has been up to since starting his new project, as well as a peek behind the curtains about what goes into writing his devastatingly powerful and touching tunes.

    Of course you'll also get the chance to hear those tunes, as SYML absolutely crushes it in our studio with his enrapturing vocal presence and unparalleled skill as a multi-instrumentalist.

    Most importantly though, in addition to now knowing the meaning behind it, you'll also get the chance to learn how to pronounce SYML! Tune in to our exclusive NEXT Session with him out now, only on Baeble Music.

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