COMING SOON: Coast Modern Cruise Into Baeble
    • MONDAY, MARCH 06, 2017

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Coast Modern is a duo - made up of Lukas Atlas and Coleman Trapp - and they are shape-shifting musicians who go wherever the wind takes them. They aren't afraid to fuse genres, push boundaries, and get a little weird - creating breezy electro-pop music with hints of hip-hop, psych-pop and indie rock.

    Coast Modern is fairly new to the game - making a debut late in 2015 - and have been delivering feel-good tunes since. The pair met in Southern California, where they decided to be struggling artists together and tried to find a way into mainstream pop. After two years of minimal success, they went their separate ways, where Coleman found himself working at an instrument store in Denver. After messing around with an acoustic guitar and an old tape recorder, Coleman would send recordings over to Lukas, who decided to add production around one. And the rest is history.

    After Coast Modern released two singles, "Hollow Man" late in 2015 and "Animals" early last year, it didn't take long until they were on the road. They performed at SXSW last year, as well as a few other major music festivals, and toured with BØRNS, Temper Trap, and The Wombats. They somehow found time within the chaos of touring to work on a debut album, which will be dropping on May 5th, and we've already heard one single off it, "Comb My Hair."

    Coast Modern stopped by Baeble HQ for a session and brought us all the trippy, West Coast vibes. Look out for it to drop tomorrow!

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