BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'OTL' by Little Hurricane
    • MONDAY, MARCH 06, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Has anyone ever asked you "if your house was on fire and you can only save one item, what would it be"? Most people have heard that question before, and many jokingly answer with things like "my signed Coldplay poster" or "my 12 pack of Binaca," but in their latest video for "OTL," Little Hurricane raises this question and wants real, honest answers. The song is exactly what you'd expect this duo to sing about, with lyrics like "you're my one true love, I never thought I could love someone so much" and "when I'm with you I feel love." It's pure, innocent, and seemingly happy, but the San Diego pair used the video as an opportunity to reconstruct it into an epic tragedy.

    The Jordan Albertsen-directed video starts off with a woman in a burning house, as she's left to take one item before she abandons it, so she chooses her wedding photo. We then watch her and her husband roam around in a post-apocalyptic world with the photo and their dog as they emotionally and physically hold each other tightly. In the end... Well, I'll let you find out for yourself, but it is not a happy ending, and it made me feel like my heart dropped in my stomach.

    "OTL is a song that is particularly meaningful to us and we wanted a video to capture the intensity we felt when we wrote the song," the band told Baeble. "We thought it was important to juxtapose the intimate lyrics with darker imagery. I had this concept of 'love at the end of the world,' where things are falling apart all around us, but we still find these moments of joy in the travesty. This was our second time working with Jordan Albertsen, and we felt he was able to translate our idea into a story line that is both heartfelt and tragic all at once."

    "OTL" is the lead single off of their forthcoming album, Same Sun Same Moon, due out April 14th.

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