Courtney Love Is an Unstable Woman with a Megaphone in Fall Out Boy's New Video
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 06, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Fall Out Boy's 2013 release Save Rock and Roll had the rescuing success of a fireman with a thumb up his hose, yet the Chicago foursome continued to overthrow right hooks for an entire year as they released a music video for each song on the record. Today, the group finally reached the end of their unfortunate battle in a concluding act called "Rat A Tat" where the only force preventing them from saving their beloved "rock and roll" is a belligerent Courtney Love (kinda appropriate, eh?). Since we walked into the theater five minutes before the credits rolled, we're really not entirely sure what led up to this bizarre revolution or why frontman Patrick Stump is getting the Ludovico treatment, but a world controlled by an army of brunette babes that's led by a drunk Courtney Love sounds like a pretty good time to us.

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