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    • TUESDAY, MARCH 06, 2012

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    This session ain't no soggy bowl of frosted flakes. Nor is it a greasy sausage, egg, and cheese from your local fast food counter. What we're serving up is some honest to god nourishment, courtesy of a couple of hip-hop pranksters from the city of brotherly love. Chiddy Bang-- the stars of our latest slice of video cuisine-- has a few years of underground material to their name. But aside from their frustratingly short EP The Preview, the band have been waiting far too long to take their hip-pop hybrids to the masses. Last week they finally had their chance, releasing a proper full length debut they appropriately christened Breakfast. It's a snazzy offering, maybe best exemplified by the soulful, first single "Ray Charles", which you might have caught the band showcase a few weeks back in the first of three video performances recorded for Baeble. Part two saw Chiddy and Xaphoon dipping back in time just a bit, dusting off a performance of "The Opposite of Adults"; a jam that got them on a lot of people's radars to begin with. Today, it's back to Breakfast with the final installment of the series. Here the band beg you to "Mind Your Manners". That means chew on this one with your mouth closed...although that might be hard with all the jaw-dropping rhymes. Dig in. Pre-order Breakfast HERE.

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