MP3: Dandy Warhols
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 06, 2012

    • Posted by: Carianne Hixson

    What's uninteresting about a band fronted by a dude that not only finished up working on a record (Dandy's eighth studio album The Machine out 4/24), but simultaneously created and released a graphic novel entitled "One Model Nation," and his own album of that same title? Leader Courtney Taylor-Taylor isn't the only multi-tasker in the band either-- Peter Holmstrom and Brent DeBoer both have side projects their working on. With all the bragging rights Dandy Warhols have earned, you wouldn't expect their single, "Well They're Gone," off the new album to be about what little strength is involved when falling in love, but that's what makes the song endearing beyond its haunting vocals. Stream it below.

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