Soko My Dreams Dictate My Reality
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 05, 2015

    • Posted by: Camille Fantasia

    Soko is an artist who has her pulse on the present moment, and yet there's something about what she's doing that touches the eternal. She's not afraid to dive deep into the gooey stuff of the human heart. Death and loss are themes throughout her music but there's also a sense of childlike wonder. Her second album My Dreams Dictate My Reality is out this week on her own label, Babycat Records. It's the perfect progression from her first, I Thought I Was An Alien which was radically intimate, she sounds like she's close to tears on most of the tracks, but the songs are incredible and her voice is hauntingly beautiful.

    Check out "We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow" from her first album. The video is shot like an artful home video and is breathtaking.

    On this new album, Soko hasn't lost her sensibility. Her stark honesty remains her appeal. These songs are more complicated in terms of structure, and she's clearly taking more artistic risk. Her untamable thirst for life is evident on tracks like "Peterpan Syndrome" and "Who Wears the Pants ??" While her darker days are evident on "Keaton's Song." The songs are diverse too, some are fun and wild, and some a little cheeky, even sarcastic. There's a New Wave 80's vibe to this album, think New Order and The Eurythmics. Ironically Ariel Pink, who shows up twice on this record, said publicly a few months ago that he finds the song "Sweet Dreams" to be "extremely foul." Maybe it hits a little too close to home? Either way his collaborations with Soko on this album are great, check out "Lovetrap" below.

    With this album Soko makes the transitions from girl with raw talent to full-blown artist with a point of view. Check out the video for "Ocean Of Tears" it oozes style and sincerity in a way that's totally refreshing.

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