Smith Westerns Skip a Grade With 'Varsity'
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 05, 2013

    • Posted by: Eric Galietti

    Sometimes you wake up in the morning with a song in your head. Other mornings you may be awoken by a song on the radio. Some days just feel like a song. Often, the first song you hear makes your day. Smith Westerns' new single "Varsity" is today's song.

    Smith Westerns are apparently skipping a grade, naming the first single from their forthcoming LP "Varsity". The band's third album Soft Will is set to be released by Mom+Pop records on June 11. "Varsity" is a burst of bright 70s power-pop instrumentation and the group's ever-so-catchy melodies. With the lo-fi haze now polished smooth off their production, this summer looks forward to a promising and timely release by the Chicago trio that could sound a little more ELO than T. Rex. We all love T. Rex, but don't we also love ELO? Yes, we do.

    "Varsity" gets an official digital release next week, and to further tide us over, May 11 will see its physical release on 7" with and another track "Case & Point" on the B-side. Cue Senioritis.

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