Inside Opposites with Biffy Clyro Pt. 1 (Baeble Exclusive)
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 05, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Six years ago, we were introduced to the shirtless, long-haired, heavy breathing, Scottish rock trio, Biffy Clyro, who had just begun acquiring their well-deserved, mainstream success. Today, the group of vocalist/guitarist Simon Neil, bassist James Johnston, and drummer Ben Johnston are globally recognized as a top alternative act, and they are merely inches (or centimeters) away from releasing their most extensive, sixth studio album, Opposites.

    The album, which is a double-disk set of 20 tracks, was released late January overseas, and is due to set loose March 12th in the States. It features a Biffy Clyro who, although they've spiffed up their appearances and refined their mega-rock sound over the past few years, still manages to produce anthemic melodies that drive them beyond the herds of fellow alternative outfits from the UK.

    Beginning today, we'll be sharing exclusive looks inside the epic Opposites opus, as Biffy Clyro personally provides daily insight on the meanings of, as well as the creative processes behind certain tracks on the album.

    Hear Simon, James, and Ben discuss the album's leading single "Black Chandelier", and listen to the full song via Soundcloud below.

    "Black Chandelier" is now available on iTunes.

    Biffy Clyro is one of our oldest friends. Check out their performance at The FADER Sideshow back in 2007:

    Watch the full video at

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