Shit People at SXSW DON'T Say
    • MONDAY, MARCH 05, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    The Spinto Band, looking to capitalize off the recent "Shit people say" craze (or perhaps, just to have a bit of LAFFS) made a video featuring things people at SXSW don't say. If you've ever been to the hot, sweaty, Austin-based mess, these jokes are for you!

    I too am proud of all the things the music industry accomplished in this-- excuse me, my Irish coffee is empty. MONDAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

    We filmed these guys back when we were filming straight 90s style, if watching full concert videos is something that interests you (and chances are, if you are looking at Baeble, it probably is!). Check it out here, with a surprising first song cameo from a young(er) Reggie Watts!

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