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    • FRIDAY, MARCH 05, 2010

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    Photos from the White Slab. MHOW Photos Unavailable. See more of these and other photos HERE

    Shout Out Louds played a sold-out show in Williamsburg this past Monday. The 5-piece came to the stage amidst enthusiastic cheering and shouts of "welcome back". They were all smiles and thank you's of course, confirming that yes, it was nice to back, and then jumping into a spirited set of songs both new and old. Over the course of the performance, what was most impressive was the way the band so carelessly, but diligently maneuvered their way from song to song.

    Sadly, tracks from the band's latest record Work would fall a little flat over the course of the evening, though it's understandable. The record is their newest and most live-sounding release to date. Perhaps the band have not had many opportunities to perform these in front of an audience. We'll wait to hear them again when they return to NYC later this May.

    The evening's best offerings came when the band presented tunes from Our Ill Wills; the band's sophomore release. On tracks like "Impossible" and "Tonight I Have to Leave It", the band soared, shook, jangled, and thumped across the stage - comparisons to The Cure on ecstasy seem appropriate - in the best way possible.

    A secret show Wednesday in the back room of a tiny, Lower East Side drinking establishment was another experience all together. The show was only made public late - very late, actually - Wednesday evening, and it'd be fair to say attendance suffered. Still 60 or so onlookers scrunched themselves into the back room of the White Slab; a glowing, little spot, despite it's concrete walls, cheap Fleur de Li wall paper, and splotchy, mock candle light.

    Many of the elements that gave Shout Out Louds their full bodied presence on Monday were delightfully delinquent this time drum set, few guitar amps, and a PA generally reserved for handling hipster DJs were all this tiny joint could muster up. Hell, even the stage was missing. In its' place, a lackadaisical collection of work benches, bar tables, and a few cushioned stools, all of which I suppose was rather appropriate. Work is the "deconstructed" album in the band's catalog.

    More than that though, the setting was undeniably charming. Balancing themselves (yup, they could have toppled over) above the in-the-know, fast acting audience, the band seemed to slurp the moment right up. Sure, it was only about 25 minutes long. And songs like "1999", "Walls", and "Fall Hard" sounded a little skimpy. But put yourself in their position. A new album, a successful three run show on NYC, their last before coming back to headline their most cavernous city room to date (Webster Hall - May 5th). It was an intimate and gooey feeling (errr...not what you think) affair. You could see it through the cracks in their easy going smiles and candid chuckles between songs. Good Work! - Ryan Broderick (MHOW) and David Pitz (White Slab)

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