mixtape 51
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 05, 2010

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    ANECDOTE: When I was like ten or twelve, I used to go to day camp every summer, and remember very vividly riding the bus and listening to a bootleg CD-R of Gorillaz and wanting to learn how to play guitar and I knew every word. Now I am including their album like ten years later on a mixtape I write every week, and I guess what I'm getting at is we grow up quick! Cherish those Blow-Pops, because soon they will become an innuendo and then you know you're one step closer to worrying about politics and accredited universities and standardized testing, and then credit card debt and dry cleaning and mortgages (ew). Good thing we still have the lottery! And Gorillaz! I'll have one music please, hold the Ke$ha.

    ...listen to the mixtape...

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