Jon Lajoie Of 'The League' Has A Gorgeous New Folk Project
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 04, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Wolfie's Just Fine (a new project from Jon Lajoie, notable for his role as Taco on FX's The League) has just released hismusic video for the song, "It's a Job," off his upcoming debut record, I Remembered But Then I Forgot. The music video was surprising and provided a strange comedic twist to what was a serious song written by Jon Lajoie.

    Lajoie in perhaps the most shocking thing he's ever done on his Youtube channel, has provided the world with a gorgeous folk song full of finger-picked melodies and a beautiful vocal performance. Wolfie's Just Fine is a nice break from Lajoie's other musical works, such as his rap tracks under the moniker MC Vagina which include "Show Me Your Genitals" and "I Kill People."

    What begins as a predictable montage of a younger boy riding a bike in slow motion to the woods goes from a generic folk rock music video to a very bizarre experience very quickly. The boy finds a spot in the woods where he unearths and resurrects a gang of viking-like warriors who join him on their own BMX bikes as they wreak havoc on a suburban neighborhood with swords and maces. Clad in a Metallica t-shirt, he has a "dude, that's so metal" look on his face that adds to the strange quirkiness of the video as much as the music itself does.

    There's another strange and melancholic twist at the end, when the boy along with his new viking posse reach his home, and after trying to get them to charge into the house, he's disillusioned and walks into his house alone, possibly signifying some kind of problem at home or something? Not too sure, given the a surrealist sense of ambiguity throughout. Jon Lajoie's performance was endearing, surprising, and a very interesting change to a more serious side of someone previously known entirely for his comedy.

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