Baeble Blue Chips: The Dark Pop of Blondfire
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 04, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Blondfire have been cranking out lots of great dreamy tracks since their debut album in 2008, and their momentum is as strong as ever as the band just released a new single titled "Sex, Lies, and Destruction" in which Erica Driscoll's breathy vibrato adds a contrasting touch to the dark and ambient nature of the track.

    The group began with Erica Driscoll and her brother Bruce, who originally performed under a different name. Since Bruce has left the band, Erica remained at the forefront of her developing sound, as she and the backing band continue to experiment with sound influences ranging from disco, to 80s rock, to grunge to create some dreamy pop songs that often have a bitter twist.

    There's an authentic quality to the dark yet spacey nature of the songs, often representing little snapshots in the life of Driscoll as she attempts to transcend and embellish the immersive nature of the music scene she's a part of, both in what it gives and takes away from people. This is especially showcased on the single "True Confessions," a much more electronically-driven and heavy take for Driscoll and the bandmates.

    While pop music made for its own sake is often easy to shake off, Blondfire have been adding a wide range of influences and thematic angles that add an excitement and optimism to the music to which lets Driscoll wear her heart on her sleeve in a way that's driven and energetic.

    As is often the mark of a musician's true versatility, Blondfire's live presence remains quite unpredictable in a good way, as Driscoll and the group often experiment with acoustic and electric versions of their songs, nailing either version in their live sessions. The acoustic version of "True Confessions" in many ways has the same kind of heavy, dark essence in Driscoll's vibrant performance in a way that offers a much more intimate side of the same song.

    Blondfire will be performing alongside the rest of the acts at Baeble's showcase at SXSW, and they're sure to bring the same vibrant energy they're so well known for in an act that you won't want to miss.

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