A Chronology Of Snoop Dogg's Musical Shifts
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 04, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Snoop Dogg is the man, but you already knew that. The man has countless classics. For over twenty years, Snoop has made hit after hit in the rap and pop world. His eccentric personality, slick wordplay, and constant reinvention keep him entertaining in the eyes of many. Whether riding over a classic g-funk synthesizer produced by Dr. Dre, or the Neptunes' classic pop rap production, Snoop is one of the most versatile vocalists in all of music. After some strange years as Snoop Lion, the reggae conception I'm sure he only used to smoke more weed, the Doggfather is back to release his new album Bush, executively produced by the unstoppable Pharrell.

    Snoop may still look the same after twenty years, but his sound and style have never been complacent. Originally bursting onto the scene as an Los Angeles member of the Crips, his original style was gang centered music focused on violence and life in the hood.

    Then the early 2000's rolled around, and Snoop met up with Pharrell to create some more timeless feel good classics. This time, the sound was definitely more pop and accessible to the masses.

    After stepping away from the pop rap sound, Snoop took a headfirst dive into a diverse collection of very random genres, including synthpop and reggae.

    Even after all these years, Snoop is still just trying have fun. His 'too high' persona frequently finds the scarily skinny Cali rapper focusing on lighthearted topics in a relaxed, albeit tough talking manner. Much like Action Bronson, Snoop still sounds like he wants to have fun. By returning to the music that he grew up on, he is definitely aiming for that goal. The dance ready teasert finds Snoop embracing the dance-floor in a way that almost all musicians are in the heavy EDM climate, but in his own way. Snoop has consistently done things the way he wants and set the trends. With Pharrell, I think he will again.

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