Janelle Monae's Sassy New Single 'What Is Love'
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 04, 2014

    • Posted by: Tayi Sanusi

    A vision of impeccable taste and quirky charm that knows no bounds, Janelle Monae has made it clear that she and her unique brand of psychedelic soul are here to stay. With infectious beats that are all her own it's no wonder she's danced her way deep into fans' musical psyches. As if she couldn't get any more adorable, she just had to go and pop out a single for the animated film Rio 2. Nothing amplifies an animated flick's irresistible charm like a bangin' soundtrack.

    I have a feeling that Monae's groovy new single "What Is Love" will feel very at home in the upcoming film. This catchy song is loaded with the tailored and soulful vocals we've come to expect from Monae plus the added bliss of some Caribbean flare. Also taking into account the feel good lyrics and joyous melodic progressions; it's pretty clear that we've got a sassy and delicious song that's sure to make you feel like you're on a beach sippin' a cocktail amidst an endearing flock of dancing toucans.

    Rio 2 hits theaters April 11th.

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