late night: lykke li
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 04, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    Last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the King of giggles and enthusiasm hosted Lykke Li as the show's Thursday night musical guest. The eclectically talented Swede performed the song "Get Some" from her album Wounded Rhymes, which was released earlier this week on February 28th. With this performance, Lykke Li proves (once again) that she possesses the ability to give an exciting show full of tambourine dance moves along with an impressive studio-quality sound.

    Her vocals are nearly indistinguishable from the album version of "Get Some", which is, frankly, a beam of promise in an age where true talent tends to be ignored for electronically produced flare. But here, Lykke Li shows us that you can still make music that is both exciting and real at the same time, as well as look intimidatingly fierce. I used to think this girl looked kind of like Mary Kate Olsen, but with that intense stare down during her performance, I can feel her judging my assumption and will be sure to never make that mistake again.

    Wounded Rhymes is available now, and you can check out Lykke Li's Jimmy Fallon performance of "Get Some" below:

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    Lykke Li on Myspace

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