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    • TUESDAY, MARCH 04, 2008

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    From behind the closed doors of a rural, one room church…a place generally reserved for quiet chorales and holy hymns...comes a more modern psalm; one that presses up against the lofty ceilings, and sends a collective creak through the old, wooden pews that line the sanctuary. Recorded way back in ‘03/’04, Foxhole’s We the Winter Tree certainly stands in contrast to the space in which it was created. Instrumental indie rock bands in the vein of classic touchstones of the genre (Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, Do Make Say Think) are not generally hosted by conservative, country churches. But to Foxhole’s Greg Leppert, the Westminster Bible Church was an obvious choice when it came time to record the album. “We wanted something big, something that made the drums sound massive, but we wanted to do it without artificial effects.” Tack on themes of life, death, and the cyclical rebirth of nature – the band’s running inspiration for Winter Tree – and the conversion from church to recording studio is even more fitting.

    Pick up We the Winter Tree on Burnt Toast Vinyl. Foxhole currently has a few dates scheduled this spring. – David Pitz

    Foxhole on Tour
    05/02 - the 930 Listening Room - Louisville, Kentucky
    05/03 - The Anchor Fellowship - Nashville-Davidson Tennessee
    05/04 - Rainbow Natural Grocery - Jackson, Mississippi
    05/05 - TBA - Houston, Texas
    05/06 - TBA - Austin, Texas
    05/07 - Monks - Abilene, Texas
    05/09 - Main Street Cafe - Kansas City, Missouri

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    MP3: Foxhole:: "The End of Dying" We the Winter Tree
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