Kendrick Lamar Is On Fire (Literally) In New Video 'Humble'
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 2017

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Last week, Kendrick Lamar surprised everyone (after a cryptic Instagram post) and released "The Heart Part 4," the first single from the Compton rapper in way too long. Without any warning, Lamar released another song last night, "Humble," and a video that is an incredible piece of art. It comes off of Lamar's much-anticipated upcoming album, which will hopefully be out on April 7th (but yet to confirm).

    So far, Lamar is exploring the theme of God and religion along with recognizing his own personal growth. In last week's release, the Compton-native raps, "Tell 'em that God comin'" and in the video for "Humble," Lamar and director Dave Meyers & The Little Homies use vivid imagery of Christianity. Another subtle theme to these first two releases from Kendrick? They both seem take shots at Big Sean. In "Humble," Kendrick uses the phrase "lil bitch" often, especially in the track's chorus - which is Big Sean's favorite ad-lib. And he seems to hint that both songs are about the same rapper with the line, "My left stroke just went viral / Right stroke put lil' baby in a spiral," meaning his "left stroke" would be "The Heart Part 4" and the "right stroke" would be "Humble."

    "Humble" definitely isn't a song about Lamar being unpretentious about his success as a rapper. It's more of a calling-out track to all of his competitors that the "best rapper alive" is back. The video starts out with the rapper dressed as the pope, standing in an empty chamber and bathing in a beam of light while a murder-mystery piano plays. The next scene shows Kendrick lying on a bed of cash, surrounded by half naked women. It's already very clear he's not going for modesty here.

    The rest of "Humble" is packed with evocative visuals like Lamar rapping the chorus while surrounded by a sea of bald heads, taking the seat of Jesus in The Last Supper while surrounded by his crew, passing the Grey Poupon and rapping while his heads on fire. It's a incredibly well-done cinematic video complete with a fish eye lens scene and some cartoonish edits and special effects.

    It's hard to say if he is going to stick to the theme he's rolling with right now. But we are all crossing our fingers for a new Lamar album to drop next week.

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