PREMIERE: The Primal Yearning Of The Cerny Brothers
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 31, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Although I'm based out of NYC these days, I'm from West Virginia originally. I'm from one of the more rural parts of the state, and although I love NYC more than you can imagine -- options for live music even in the larger town in the state where I went to college are slim -- I also miss nature. Prospect Park/Central Park don't really cut it. The last thing I expected today was to write a post about feeling homesick, but L.A. via Illinois alt-country rockers the Cerny Brothers did just that.

    We're premiering the fantastic video for the Cerny Brother's equally fantastic single "Porch Lights" today, and the video's tale of desparate Bonnie & Clyde love and crime works so well with the arena ready chorus hook and the Mumford-esque banjo and guitar lines. But, what unexpectedly hit me the most about the video was the drive through gorgeous rural countrysides. I felt like I was in my car -- although hopefully I never get to the point in my life where me and my romantic partner feel the need to rob a bank -- driving down I-79 through Appalachia.

    There's a yearning and desire innate to every second of the track and video (this quote from band member/video director Scott Cerny reflects this: "Porch Lights is about being young, desperate and hungry in a place that can't contain your ambitions. We wanted to make a video that told a story of two lovers on the run in the biggest way we could. The need to escape, to run free, to chase that fire, wherever it may lead"), and it infected me by the time the song was over. The best thing a song can do is make you feel something, and the Cerny Brothers made me feel something primal and intense. Forgive me if I'm blasting this track and "Country Roads" for the rest of the day.

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