dosh's wolves and wishes to arrive may 13th
    • MONDAY, MARCH 31, 2008

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    Unfortunately, Martin Dosh is one of those artists I’ll admit to sleeping on…which is sort of shameful considering I did once spend any evening gawking over his rather baffling ability to hold down the drum kit, effortlessly looping rich mosaics of rhythm and pattern with rigorous responsibilities on the keyboard. Amazing. That was backing up Andrew Bird nearly a year and a half ago, and Dosh’s The Lost Take has tempted me ever since. Of course I never acted; a big mistake as my own indecision has now left me dangerously ill-prepared for Dosh’s latest batch of ambient jazz, electro, hip-hop, and pop.

    I’m not going to worry about this one though. I’m currently catching up on Dosh as I write, and with his fourth recorded effort, Wolves and Wishes not set to arrive until May 13th, it appears I have some time to familiarize myself with the man…a man, it seems, quite a few people are all too willing to perform with. Wolves and Wishes enlists the help of Andrew Bird, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Fog’s Andrew Broder and Mark Erickson, The Bad Plus’ David King, and Dark Dark Dark over the course of its’ ten tracks. Furthermore, many of the aforementioned will help bring Wolves and Wishes to life Saturday May 3rd in Dosh’s hometown of Minneapolis. Billed as more than a record release party, fans of the avant-rock luminary will be treated to “The World of Dosh”; a world which “promises to be a surprising, magical place”.

    Here’s the PR on spin on Wolves and Wishes:
    “If 2006's The Lost Take re-imagined the drums, Rhodes and everything-but-the-kitchen-sink virtuoso as a full band, his latest restocks the lineup with a fresh cast of collaborators, then stretches out as Dosh masterminds the material (composing, improvising, arranging) with all the explorative wonderment of a debut album. Never has our man sounded so free. And to think, there's not a single drum machine in the mix.”

    Wolves and Wishes hits stores May 13th, via Anticon Records. Check out “If You Want To, You Have To” below. – David Pitz

    Wolves and Wishes Tracklist:
    01. Don't Wait For The Needle To Drop
    02. Bury The Ghost
    03. If You Want To, You Have To
    04. First Impossible
    05. Kit And Pearle
    06. Wolves
    07. Food Cycles
    08. Keep Up Appearance
    09. The Magic Stick
    10. Capture The Flag

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    MP3: Dosh!: “If You Want To, You Have To” - from Wolves and Wishes
    Dosh @ MySpace

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