Explosions in the Sky Go on a Stop-Motion Journey In 'The Ecstatics' Video
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 2017

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    Post-rockers Explosions in the Sky have released a new video for the track "The Ecstatics," off of their most recent album The Wilderness. The video features some trippy stop-motion that perfectly matches the chill vibes of the instrumental jam. The designs and patterns weave, grow, shrink, and pulse to the beat in such a mesmerizing way that time seemingly stands still as you watch it all unfold. A good instrumental, like a good visual, can create a profound emotional reaction without the use of a single word, and luckily, this music video has both the latter and the former going for it. This is definitely the kind of video where you'll want to stop what you're doing, turn off the lights, and go fullscreen for a couple minutes just to relish the simple beauty of it all. Check out the "The Ecstatics" video right here, and The Wilderness is available wherever you buy or stream music.

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