Premiere: The Minimalist Rhythm And Blues of Mikaela Kahn
    • MONDAY, MARCH 30, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Texas singer Mikaela Kahn isn't a normal artist. The singer-songwriter has a variety of influences that all come back to honest songwriting. Revealing the full spectrum of her emotional landscape on record, Kahn has the ability to steal a listener's attention and make them confront emotions they may not want to. Versatile in her sound and image, Kahn has won folk festivals and opened for R&B legend R. Kelly. If that doesn't intrigue you, what will? Perhaps this new song off her upcoming debut album Milk & Honey will do the trick? Released as the third single, "I Want You" continues to show Kahn's sultry soulful voice in a pop vein.

    "I Want You" opens with a muted drum and bass line akin to the xx. Peeling back emotional layers Kahn questions, "how did it get this far?" The song is direct, but witty. Letting her lover know, "maybe it's wrong but I still know/I would probably do it all the same/I want you, I want you baby," Kahn is unapologetic in her feelings. She confronts the things that bother her instead of hiding them in metaphor. The openness is refreshing and relatable. The R&B sound suits her style well. Taking new found trends like the trap drums as well as the layered vocals of R&B princesses like Aliyah, you can see Kahn is a music enthusiast. With a hazy atmospheric vibe, her music can definitely stand alongside the other upstart R&B artists blowing up today.

    Check out the song below and get ready for Milk & Honey dropping in April.

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