Out and About: We Are Augustines and Band of Skulls
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2012

    • Posted by: Malcolm Donaldson

    Tuesday at Music Hall of Williamsburg was the night of the power trio. British Heavy Rockers Band of Skulls and Brooklyn's own We Are Augustines both brought the house down with screaming guitars and howling vocals strong enough to fill the Grand Canyon. Hey, maybe these guys should play the Grand Canyon together.

    We Are Augustines balanced the power of their stage presence very well, as every song had focus on each of the three musicians' strengths. Singer Billy McCarthy had a chilling, guttural voice that guided one of the night's highlights, "Philadelphia (City of Brotherly Love)." Multi-instrumentalist Eric Sanderson was laid back and cracked jokes while playing piano, bass, guitar and backing vocals. Even when his gear malfunctioned, he didn't seem to panic for a second. Finally, Rob Allen was We Are Augustines's spine at the drum kit. He held it all together, playing creative fills and winking at people in the audience.

    Band of Skulls-- from Southampton, England-- are an awesome rock band, plain and simple. They prove that rock n' roll in its finest form is still alive with thundering solos, bone crunching drums, and bellowing bass. It seems obvious to say: but Band of Skulls are at their best when they play as loud as they possibly can. Before they went on, I wondered why Russel Marsden had two identical amps connected to each other. I realized in the first 10 seconds of show opener, "Sweet Sour" that the colossal sound was perfect for Band of Skulls' call-down-the-thunder rock riffs. Richardson and Hayward were locked in sync all night, the base of the highlights "Bruises" and "Fires." We Are Augustines proved what can be done with only three musicians. All hail the power trio!

    But we already knew We Are Augustines put on a hell of a show.

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