MP3: Reptar
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Georgia freak-rockers Reptar are quickly becoming one of our most anticipated bands to watch. Whenever we hear new songs from them, it solidifies our opinion that that their strange breed of David Byrne, Isaac Brock, and Avey Tare is something to keep our eyes on. They are, simply put, fun. Their debut album, Body Faucet, is coming out 5/1, and especially after their show at our SXSW showcase, we want to hear more. Well, our request has been answered as they have another single, "Orifice Origami," off the forthcoming album. While "Orifice Origami" sounds like some twisted film title from the adult section of your local video store, this is more of the weirdly danceable, electronic pop/rock that we heard on "Sebastian", and that's exactly what we're wanting from these talented kids from Atlanta.

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    MP3: "Orifice Origami"

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