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    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    Following the winter apocalypse that most of the country experienced this year, we might finally be able to remember our previous lives of warmth and happiness. The promise of spring concert festivals are looming into tangible reality and give us an exciting future to look forward to. Take for example the weekend of April 15th, 16th, and 17th, when an impressive list of artists are scheduled to perform at the three-day-long California based Coachella, held at Empire Polo Field in Indio. Incredibly (or not, considering the high demand for this event), the tickets all sold out within only one week after they became available. The exhuberant anticipation for this festival has grown rapidly ever since it began back in 1999, and has a history for hosting the stage of defunct-bands' reunion performances. Some big name acts include Kings of Leon, the Strokes, album of the year Grammy winners Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Cee Lo Green, Interpol, Neon Trees, Jimmy Eat World, Cold War Kids, the National, and the 2011 reunion no one can wait for: Duran Duran! While, yes, we are kidding about the enthusiasm, sadly we are not kidding about the facts. Duran Duran will indeed be performing. Either way, here are five acts in particular that we at Baeble are excited about:

    Mumford and Sons

    It only took three years for this quartet of young men from West London to rapidly establish a respected reputation. Known for a succinct blend of classic folk and youthful enthusiasm, Mumford and Sons should expect to be a crowd favorite at Coachella. They have recently begun to develop even further mainstream success, impressing everyone with their performance at The Grammys and winning Best British Album at The Brit Awards this year. To get a little taste of the haunting precision of their live shows, you can check out this performance of theirs in Williamsburg from last spring and a Baeble interview with the band. A deluxe edition of their debut album, Sigh No More, is available now.

    Two Door Cinema Club

    The talent across the pond continues to flood in with this three-member band from Ireland. Their hook-filled pop/rock delivers undeniably catchy performances, which ensures a fun set for Coachella-goers. The trio are not simply just happy-music-makers, however; there is some true talent in the ease with which they piece their tunes together. To get some further background, watch our guest apartment session with the band. This will be Two Door Cinema Club's first Coachella appearance, following last year's release of their debut album Tourist History, and keep your ears alert for their new single, "What You Know".

    Angus and Julia Stone

    Yet another foreign act, this brother and sister duo from Australia will be performing in April as well. This group is also of the indie folk variety, and is appreciated for treating each song with two stunning sets of vocals. Music was no stranger in the Stone household, as the siblings' parents also spent some time in bands and their father was their music teacher in high school. Well, the influence definitely paid off. Angus and Julia Stone have an uncanny ability to mimick the album versions of their tracks within live performances, so count yourself among the lucky if you have the chance to see them perform at Coachella. Their 2010 sophomore album Down the Way is available now.


    Next country up: Sweden! Stockholm-born electro pop extraordinare, Robyn, is probably the major-name veteran in this list, having been selling records since 1995 at the age of sixteen. The success keeps pouring in for Robyn, with the fan-based and critical acclaim for 2010's Body Talk and its single "Dancing On My Own". Body Talk is the final installment of three 2010 releases that teased the full tracklisting for the album. Arrive with some moves, because limbs will be a-flailing at her set, as the performances for her dance confections are sure to provide a high energy show.

    The Tallest Man On Earth

    Probably the lesser known pick in this list, Baeble is excited about the inclusion of The Tallest Man On Earth in 2011's Coachella lineup. The scratchy vocals and eagerly plucked acoustic guitar of tracks like "King of Spain" and "Pistol Dreams" are only the beginning of the eccentricities that make up this one man band's charm. Also hailing from Sweden, Tallest Man's Kristian Mattson has a knack for taking seemingly simple melodies and crafting them into brilliant and lively rhythms. This talent, combined with a seamless confidence, has supplied Mattson with a known reputation for charisma. For further convincing, take a look at our out and about feature from a show of his last fall. His sophomore studio album The Wild Hunt, as well as a more recent EP (Sometimes the Blues is just a Passing Bird) are both out now.

    Well, there is definitely a lot to look forward to at this festival. I think it is safe to say that Coachella ticket possessors are a lucky breed of people right now.

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