show recap: she and him at bowery ballroom
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 2010

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    photo by Sarahana for Brooklyn Vegan. Check out more photos HERE.

    Zooey Deschanel, dressed in black, was unable to avoid hecklers as they probed her with various, idiosyncratic questions last night at the She and Him show. Deschanel might have more admirers than most front ladies, soley based on her status as both musician and actress (often the love interest, often quite lovable). So it was no shocker that a few doting fans found her stage time to also be the perfect time to ask about anything and everything. (Mostly) free of interrogation, M. Ward just chuckled his way through the set, which included lots of songs off their latest record Volume Two.

    The show was PACKED (two sold out nights!), even for the opener, so when we showed up, the floor was already a zoo. So we went up the balcony, which was also a bit chaotic. Just look at these crowds!

    I managed to snap a picture of Ward while he was saying the one thing he said, which received a few laughs from the audience (no idea what prompted him or what he said). EVIDENCE:

    Zooey played tambourine, keys, and even a Uke at one point, but seemed most comfortable when just swooshing her dress and singing, which is never a bad look for her.

    I went with my friend from Artist Arena who runs the DCFC fan club, so when we spotted old Ben Gibbard perched in the VIP section, we decided to say hi as he exited. Not surprisingly, he didn't have much to say other than "oh, cool" before he took off for the night. But the show was great, and it was nice to hear that Zooey's pipes really are as quaint and charming in real life. Full disclosure: those doe-eyes might have helped convince me. -joe puglisi

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    MP3:"Thieves" - Volume 2
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