show recap: a sunny day in glasgow at the bell house
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 2010

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    A Sunny Day in Glasgow has had its fair share of change since its original inception in 2006. The band has undergone so many shifts in lineups that this writer admittedly had a tricky time matching names to faces onstage (and extends her personal apologies if anything is off!) It was only last year that the band posted a request for a new singer on Brooklyn Vegan. Since then, the sextet has welcomed a new soprano and base player into the fold, and with that, released a brand-spanking new EP, with a tour to boot.

    Last night at the Bell House, the band faced with a new set of challenges: some unsightly rains and the first night of Passover surely made for a slimmer crowd than anticipated. Frizzy hair and ironic weather conditions aside, this dream pop band didn't disappoint. On lead vocals and Annie Fredrickson and Jen Goma delivered ethereal purrs on songs like "Failure," and "Shy". With heavy ambient influence, vocal turns were piled atop one another, echoing and creating a whirl of sound.

    It's also worth noting the remarkable diversity in the setlist. Early in the show, Fredrickson and Goma relished in some accapella with a cover of Vashti Bunyan's "Diamond Day." Breaking with the shoegaze stylings of previous numbers, the group then amped up the energy and debuted a unnamed new track; the percussive energy of Adam Herndon had even the band members caught up beat. Goma joined in on tambourine and in a matter of seconds everyone was bouncing around onstage.

    A Sunny Day in Glasgow's third EP, Nitetime Rainbows is available for download now at iTunes. -Megan Diamondstein

    Flip video clip of the show, courtesey of Megan and Youtube.

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