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    • TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 2010

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    We buzzed this yesterday: From the face-pounding kineticism of their first EP to the introspective swipes of Elephant Shell, Tokyo Police Club is a band that continues to diversify its rock portfolio while somehow still sounding like themselves. "Breakneck Speed" , off their forthcoming LP (this summer) is the same deal; a song that is both static and dynamic. Grab the track (for the price of an email) and watch a new preview of Champ after the jump.

    Teaser for the new record:

    CHAMP from Graham Wright on Vimeo.

    Download "Breakneck Speed" here. Champ is due 6/8. -joe

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    MP3:"Breakneck Speed" - Champ
    Tokyo Police Club on Myspace

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