Purity Ring Another Eternity
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 03, 2015

    • Posted by: Camille Fantasia

    Everything Purity Ring touches turns to fairy dust, and their new album Another Eternity out on 4AD is no exception. This dream pop duo from Canada creates their otherworldly sound using synth pop beats with ephemeral ornamentation. It sounds like the soundtrack to some angelic and disembodied world beyond the confines of time and space. Check out their visual imagining of the song "Push Pull":

    Purity Ring falls very much in the realm of that post-human, ephemeral pastel aesthetic. There can be something totally ecstatic about it, like the song "Body Ache," which will lift you out of your head and back into your heart, but there can also be something haunting in that mystery. Take the lines, "watching me is like watching the fire take your eyes from you" from "Repetition."

    To get your third eye tingling check out their artful visual expression of "Body Ache."

    If you liked their first album Shrines out in 2012, then this new album will not disappoint. I would place their musical aesthetic somewhere in the mainstream line on the outer fringes of the MDMA movement. It's not quite heady enough to be in that niche, but the feel of their music definitely draws on that heavily sampled, early dub step. This album is easy to consume, easy to find beautiful, easy to fall in love with.

    Another Eternity is what I imagine playing in the soul's elevator ride up to heaven. Absolute release. Absolute ecstatic bliss. Some elevator music right? Check out the phenomenal "Fineshrine" from their first album below.

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