Pile You're Better Than This
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 03, 2015

    • Posted by: Camille Fantasia

    If you haven't heard of Pile then you're missing out on the good stuff, and you're better than that. The Bostonian foursome released their new record, You're Better Than This, last week on Exploding in Sound. It's quality post-hardcore rock, it's alternative but it's also classic. It's a grimy sound with heavy guitar that feels raw, like it was born at a basement show. The lyrics on You're Better Than This are genuine and the songs have narrative quality to them. Like the song "Mr. Fish" about a man named "Darrell Fish," it starts off wading in mellow but taut chords, a voice brooding with the intensity that reminds me of Paul Banks from Interpol, singing lyrics like "I used to feel the warmth of the sun/Now the sky just opens up." Then the song heats up and unleashes in a full on Nirvana style frenzy that makes you want to start a mosh pit.

    With Pile's first two albums, Magic Isn't Real and Dripping, they established themselves as a force in the present world of rock for those in the know, however these albums were widely under appreciated. This new album, along with the extensive touring they're doing for it, is certainly promising for the rising band that deserves a broader audience. This band speaks the language cynical rock fans love to feel nostalgic for and love to say is dead, but they prove it's not, real rock is very much alive.

    The whole label of Exploding in Sound is an exciting space for post-hardcore, indie rock bands like Speedy Ortiz, Krill, Porches, Two-Inch Astronaut, etc. It's a scene that feels charged with the energy of unabashedly contemporary rock music, while still being totally loyal to their forefathers. It's responsible rock that's fully self-aware and respectful to it's Gods, and yet totally inventive and thriving with the heat of the present moment in time. The whole scene seems so un-showy and there's something so radical and totally interesting about that, in it's own way a revolution, a reclamation of what rock is all about.

    Check out Pile at Exploding in Sound's CMJ showcase at Silent Barn in Bushwick a few years ago. Their electrifying performance and the hype of the crowd make it seem as though a fresh new scene is emerging.

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