How Will Radiohead Reinvent The Wheel This Time
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 03, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    The music gods blessed us when they gave us Radiohead. The band has consistently put out fantastic music for over two decades, never pandered to politics or trends, and have just generally kicked ass. Lately, lead singer Thom Yorke has been consistently hot, releasing great music as a solo artist as well as packaged with other projects. When the band announced back in November they had begun recording the world got excited. Now there is reason for more excitement.

    Jonny Greenwood has shared news that the band has "changed our method again," and recording "have gone really well." Since Ok Computer the band has changed their sound for every album. No artist in recent memory, besides Yeezus himself, has had such an impact on genre and sonic innovation. One can only imagine the next installment of greatness that this band has in store for the world. From debuting with a grunge sound, exploring alternative art rock elements, and moving into an electronic direction in the early 2000's with Kid A, the band has continued to mix a vast array of influences into their work in experimental fashion.

    With the recent rise of UK artists like Sam Smith, maybe an American audience is finally ready to willingly accept Radiohead. American audiences have overlooked Radiohead's experimental nature when it comes to distribution. With no radio hits or pop sensibilities, their work has largely been ignored by the pop masses. 2015 should change that. The musical landscape has changed since Radiohead has last released an album. With electronic music leading the youth culture, the band could receive critical acclaim from a younger audience in a manner similar to the electronic/trap inspired sound of Kanye West. By incorporating a stronger electronic element mixed with the rock sound that gained them initial praise, the band may be ready to capture new audiences. A new era of Radiohead could be coming soon.

    While you wait for the new album, check out the band performing "Bloom" live below.

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