You Can Now Find Your State's Least Favorite Artist
    • MONDAY, MARCH 03, 2014

    • Posted by: Anthony Toto

    When scientific maps confirmed New Jersey's love for Bruce Springsteen, Rhode Island's quench for teen spirit, and Jay Z's Blueprint for popularity across the East Coast, the entire process came off as both shocking and not surprising. All last week, surveys conducted by Paul Lamere of Music Machinery made us question the listening preferences of American audiences.

    One week later, Music Machinery is back again with another survey determining the most ignored artists in the country. The survey analyzed the 50 most popular artists in America and looked closely at listening data across different states to find out where these artist's are and aren't as popular.

    In 1996, millions of music listeners believed they could fly with R. Kelly as "I Believe I Could Fly" topped a multi-platinum Space Jam soundtrack. In 2014, Americans won't fly with R. Kelly anymore, as he is currently the most ignored popular artist in the country. R. Kelly either left the keys in the "Ignition" for too long or was "Trapped In The Closest" past the point of his welcome. When looking closely into the evaluation, it shows that R. Kelly is currently the 42nd most popular artist in the country and is the least popular of the top 50 artists in 15 different states.

    Tupac and The Rolling Stones fall under the same category, so the results are pretty harsh. What else did we learn? The largest state in the country, Alaska, has no room for John Mayer's music, Luke Bryan isn't welcome in New York or California, and Bob Marley's peaceful music doesn't resonate with North Dakota. Will America ever "Bump n' Grind" with R. Kelly again? Time will only tell.

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