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    • THURSDAY, MARCH 03, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    We like music videos. We like lists. We like reminiscing. The Roundup is our way of celebrating such things. While perusing the internets for instant audio visual satisfaction this week, we learned a few things. 1. The Strokes let loose, Victorian-style, in "Under Cover of Darkness". 2. Gold Panda provided a video for his electronic lullaby, "Marriage". 3. The Walkmen needlessly reminded us that winter sucks, but that it can also be beautiful in "While I Shovel The Snow". 4. Kermit does a great James Murphy, and Animal still rocks hard at 60. 5. Odd Future are a force to be reckoned with, and Paul Sheer looks great in a Macgyver wig. To The Roundup!

    The Strokes - "Under Cover of Darkness"

    The Strokes continue to amp up the excitement for their forthcoming album, Angels, by releasing the music video for the LP's first single, "Under Cover of Darkness". Unsurprisingly, The Strokes maintain their status as the epitome of cool in this video, as the band members nonchalantly play their instruments through different stations of a grand concert hall and/or mansion. Vocalist Julian Casablancas, ever the rock star, sings along while sitting back on a leather couch, draped head to toe in black from his sunglasses to his edgy jacket and skinny jeans. He pours wine from a goblet onto a deck of cards, he throws around a mic stand, he does what he wants!

    Gold Panda - "Marriage"

    An eclectic electronic artist from Essex, UK, Gold Panda began leaking his creations to various labels, blogs, tastemakers, etc...with enthusiastic results. Folks took notices, peers desired remixs (Little Boots, Telepathe, Bloc Party, Simian Mobile Disco, HEALTH), and his album Lucky Shiner was born. "Marriage" is it's third single, and brings with it this globe tripping video was created by Israeli artist Ronni Shendar on location in India, Germany and Israel.

    Watch the full video at

    The Walkmen - "While I Shovel The Snow"

    There's a quiet calm that should descend over the viewer as The Walkmen's newest video for "While I Shovel The Snow" cycles through. With serene gusts of hollow guitar work and Hamilton Leithauser's semi-strained soul, the song is one of Lisbon's iciest and most skeletal moments. Images of Hamilton and the band caught up in some beautiful snow globe of a world, quietly pacing the Brooklyn banks of the East River are a nice visual touch. "No life like the snow life", indeed. "While I Shovel the Snow" was directed by Jake Davis.

    Watch the full video at

    LCD Soundsystem/Muppets - "Dance Yrself Clean"

    Sure, U2 did it a few decades ago for "The Streets Have No Name", but Kermit and Animal give Bono and Edge (all sweet rockstar names) a run for their money in this unofficial video for James Murphy's track of 2010's This Is Happening. Random performances like this would be a great way for Murphy to satisfy disgruntled fans that were recently screwed by the inflation of tickets for LCD's upcoming farewell at MSG.

    Funny or Die - "Odd Future Gets Signed"

    The Digital Underground of the 21st Century, nine-member, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, otherwise known simply as Odd Future, has managed to grasp the music world's attention. They first gained a cult following primarily within the hip-hop community, but they are continuing to gather mainstream attention. Like every skate-crew hanging around the corner store, OFWGKTA maintains the "anti-establishment" mentality. This crew, however, has established a prominent voice and has minimal qualms in explicitly expressing their disapproval of the music industry. Their hijacking of Fallon was only the beginning of Odd Future's revolt against capital oppressors.

    Most recently, Odd Future has teamed up with the Funny Or Die cronies to comically butcher their higher-ups. Paul Sheer (who plays the perfect sleeze-ball), teamed up with Tyler, Hodgy, and gang. The foul-mouthed, hip-hop, Goonies fully embody a contemporary youth revolution.

    We suggest waiting til you leave the office for this one. Be sure to "ear-muff" the little ones! "It's a little 'rapie'. And you know what, that doesn't play on Radio Disney."

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