awful of the day: kim kardashian single
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 03, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    All right, world. It has happened. Kim Kardashian has found yet another way to infect the media and cash in by recording a single. Yes, you read that correctly. A MUSIC single. Produced by The-Dream, "Turn It Up" offers... well, pretty much nothing. Even Paris Hilton's attempts at a musical career had more redeemable moments than appear in this song. To be fair, we should have seen this coming, and frankly I am surprised that it took Kim this long to release this mess upon us.

    It is kind of impossible to suck so damn hard when you have autotune on your side, but Kim Kardashian has proven that this is yet another thing she can do! Seriously, even T-Pain sounds kind of cool (maybe?) in all of his auto-tuned glory, and isn't he essentially just speaking? Not only is Kim absolutely tone deaf, but she seems to have a vocal range that is as vibrantly dynamic as her personality. SARCASM ALERT. Okay but really, not even the beat, not even the melody, not even the lyrics can save this monstrosity.

    Okay, I'm starting to feel kind of bad. Kim seems kind of nice, kind of funny... who am I kidding, I have half a mind to believe she made the song this terrible on purpose just to get more press buzz. Well, obviously it's working. We here at Baeble are crying while Kim Kardashian is just laughing this one all the way to the bank. Here's to another $65 million next year, girlfriend! (Kill me.)

    The song is posted below, and I would tell you to listen it, but this world might be a better place if less people did that.

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