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    Everyone thinks they can be a folk rock artist, especially today when the startup costs of recording a lo-fi rock record are really negligible. That is why the pool is full of schlock, lazy, repetitive schlock. But occasionally, something surfaces that is still shiny and mesmerizing, and Peter Wolf Crier is that token. Inter-Be, their affecting, charged record, breathes new life into an often overwrought genre.

    And it's often out of the Midwest. Now the Minneapolis-based duo of Peter Pisano and Brian Moen just signed to the very appropriate Jajaguwar (the same label that brought you Bon Iver) to release Inter-Be in May. Pisano is known for his work with Wars of 1812, and their album Status Quo Ante Bellum. Passing his days as a teacher at a small private school, Pisano spent time honing his songwriting until he felt comfortable with his tunes. Then he enlisted Moen, a drummer/engineer, to provide some beats. Great success.

    Check out the first single below, and catch Inter-Be on May 25th. - joe

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    MP3:"Crutch & Cane" (Inter-Be)
    Peter Wolf Crier on Myspace
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