lil wayne is never going to jail
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 03, 2010

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    Many of you have been following the ridiculous story of Lil' Wayne, who has escaped jail almost as many times as John Dillinger at this point. First he needed an obscene amount of dental work, then the courthouse lit on fire. Coincidence? We're not suggesting that someone poisoned his drank, but we ARE suggesting that someone started a blaze (ha!) in a government building on purpose. And knowing Weezy's fans, and knowing the date (which has been made public), we predict it will happen again.

    So who is behind the Freezy Scandal? A crazed group of fans? His posse? The Illuminati? Who knows... the point is that he was free last night to pop in on Jay Z's concert at MSG. And the crowd was MCLOVIN' IT!

    Eyes on the bomb scare/suspicious package/flash mob/hostage situation that will be coming on 3/8, the next court date for Wayne's sentencing...-joe

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