is kesha a parody of herself?
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    This makes a lot of sense thematically.

    As many of you know, I'm not a huge fan of Ke$ha. Her use of a dollar sign, lyrics about dental hygiene mixed drinks, and secretly boning her teachers doesn't sit well with me, and I find her off-the-wall demeanor and simplified preoccupations a real quandry of popular music's obsession with bare knuckle descriptions of sex, drugs, and not washing your hair. Some basics, from well-respect online publication The Awl:
    Let's start with the basics. It's not Kee-sha or Kee-dollar sign-ha. The correct pronunciation is Kesh-a, "kesh" pronounced like "mesh" (WELL GUYS, I GUESS WE'RE REALLY DOING THIS!). She's a 22-year-old who was born in the Valley and then moved to Nashville, where she spent her formative years with her punk singer/songwriter mother. After appearing onand this is now the world in which we livethe Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie reality show "The Simple Life," she sent her demos to mega-producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin.

    A little on-the-side research conducted by our marketing intern seems to establish that she considers herself "The Degenerate Hannah Montana" (ugh), and also consistently wears makeup on her right eye as a homage to Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. Does she even know what that movie is about? Because if she does, then ten points, DAMN. She nailed it! A "charismatic" youth who is preoccupied with extreme shock value? Sound familiar? Granted Alex DeLarge (Clockwork protagonist/antagonist) is obsessed with rape, violence, and murder, and Ke$ha really just wants to do some blow off Keith Richards leather-glove-face and drink some glow sticks. But still.

    Naturally she has admirers.

    A band in Austrailia called The Monster Goes Rawrr did a pretty OK Cobra Starship sounding cover, but they glossed over some of the only redeemable qualities about the song (e.g. the beat drop in the chorus is pretty good stuff, production-wise). It isn't really the underlying music that I find objectionable (it seems in with the times). It's the "persona" of her, the poor man's Lady GaGa construction of shock-and-awe, oh-no-she-didn't-talk-about-smoking-out-of-mick-jaggers-pants kind of nonsense.

    And people love it! She had the second biggest sales week of ALL TIME on iTunes (the first by a Female artist). She was the first #1 Hot 100 artist of the decade (whatever that means these days). Let's see the song that started it all:

    The Original:

    Whew, we're going to need a bigger suicide watch! I can see the merit* (SOMETIMES), but mostly I just view Ke$ha as being on this level of "entertainment":

    It's Magic!

    I won't go into too much detail on her cultural "influence", or the fact that she has been accused of rolling around in mud before presenting awards and stuff, because you get it. But I will say that she is such an efficient parody of herself, that everyone and their dog has been trying to top her with their own versions. And that is where sh*t gets LOLing!

    So I present to you my top favorite Ke$ha parodies.

    There are hundred, from fan made lip-syncs to songs about Boy Scouts, Tiger Woods, and even Snooki (ugh). But the first one I saw was pretty enjoyably British:

    ORIGINAL PARODY (That I Saw First):

    This one is more in line with "let's mock":

    TIK TAK:

    And the obligatory:


    Stay tuned for more news about Ke$ha, right here on Baeble Music.**-joe puglisi

    *The thing I most enjoy about "Tik Tok", the beat drop, can be successfully recreated by ANY Lady Gaga song, or a guy with a copy of protools and an M-Audio keyboard. So, I'm not really all that impressed, honestly.
    **This is the biggest sarcasm ever.

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